Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I’m supporting the re-election of Russ McDanel to Place 2 on our city council. He understands the importance of strategic planning to maximize efficiencies in city government. He truly cares about this community and always has our best interests in mind!

Russ grew up in Stephenville and has been an active member of the city for over 45 years. He is a Tarleton graduate with a degree in Business Administration, and has a genuine desire to serve the public. As a small business owner, Russ understands the challenges business owners face, and works hard to keep taxes low and regulations to a minimum.

He was first elected in 2008, and ever since he has served the citizens as a fiscal conservative voice of the people. Russ McDanel understands the need for more reinvestment in our infrastructure, and his voting record proves that. His voting record is consistent with our needs and values, and he truly listens to the people.

He is a forward thinker, engaged and dedicated to the present as well as the future of Stephenville. Russ is a sound minded conservative that has a proven voting record of supporting needed upgrades in infrastructure, supporting existing businesses and promoting growth.

He voted NO to the tax rate increase in 2013, saying that the budget was balanced without the hike. In 2014, he was outspoken on our behalf, when the tax rate was lowered! Time after time, Russ has helped shaped consensus on the council for the benefit of the people.

Properly understanding the complexities and vital need for strategic planning, Russ McDanel is the best choice for Place 2 on the ballot. We need his professional approach and valuable experience on our city council. His campaign slogan of “Listening to the PEOPLE” best describes his proven voting record for the best interests of the citizens!


Michael Daigrepont

Stephenville, Texas

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