Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The citizens of Stephenville have the opportunity to put an excellent woman on the city council. Carla Trussell is a dedicated, hardworking, energetic person who sets goals and follows through until completion.

I met Carla 15 years ago when we were both teachers in South Texas and I admired her work with her students.She was liked and respected by her colleagues, students and administrators. I must admit that one of my favorite parts of the teaching day was the lunch hour which I shared with Carla. During this time we discussed many topics ranging from teaching strategies, to hobbies and world events. She would often talk about Stephenville and was looking forward to the day she could retire in the community which she loved. It was no surprise to me that as soon as she moved back home, she immediately became involved in several community groups as well as being a regular presence at City Council meetings.

Carla and I both have a love for politics and have worked together to promote conservative views. I am certain that her values and common sense ideas will serve her well as a steward of the financial resources of the citizens of Stephenville. She will always stand up for what is right instead of what is in her own best interest.

Lucy Snearley
Hidalgo County GOP, Secretary
McAllen, Texas

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