CTFAC hosts Study Abroad photography exhibit

Provided by CTFAC

Rachel Tuggle

STEPHENVILLE (November 8, 2016) – The Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council opened a brand new gallery this weekend of photos from a Tarleton study abroad. These photos of Iceland will be on display from Nov. 5 through Dec. 17 at the Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council building.

“It’s very exciting,” executive director Julie Crouch said. “We love partnering with Tarleton every chance we get.”

This summer eight Tarleton students spent almost hiking the circumference of Iceland, taking pictures of the landscape as they went. Each student took around 4500 photos, and the best were selected for this exhibit.

“There was so much to photograph,” one of the leaders of the trip, professor Knut Hybinette said. “The greatest challenge was trying to find what to photograph. Those types of sacrifices are the hardest.”

Students learned how to take landscape photography of an extremely diverse environment all while hiking the 1,120 miles that make up the outer edge of Iceland. Hybinette said the students loved the trip and were very excited.

“They wanted to do it again at the end of the trip because they had learned something,” Hybinette said.

This study abroad trip to Iceland will become part of the regular study abroad trips Tarleton offers. But, for now, students can satisfy the itch to travel by coming to see the Iceland exhibit.

“I think [the exhibit] is great,” Hybinette said. “I’m really proud of [the students]. Tarleton and Stephenville have the opportunity to get to see what we are doing. It’s a great feeling.”

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