April 25, 2018

Goin2BeHealthy provides nutritional support, healthy options

The Goin Family


STEPHENVILLE (March 30, 2017) – Kelli Goin embarked on a personal journey several years ago that has led to multiple blessings. She accomplished her main goal of improving the health of her youngest child at the time, Abbey Grace Aardal.

But, the most recent result has been the opening of a nutrition club in downtown Stephenville.

The journey with Abbey, also made Kelli focus wholeheartedly on the nutritional wellbeing of her entire family, which includes her husband, Shelby, and other children, Jade Aardal, 17, Kellin Aardal, 12, and Everett Goin, 1, as well as the wellness of close friends and anyone else who needs the support.

Kelli’s personal progress has included dropping from a dress size 18 to a 7/8 and feeling physical, mentally and emotionally better than ever.

If the first week of business is any indication, the community is equally focused on nutrition and wellness.

Goin2BeHealthy Nutrition Club, located at 270 North Belknap Street, serves up a long and varied menu of meal replacements options in a newly renovated venue that offers separate spaces for dining, fitness classes and one-on-one coaching and mentoring, as well as a quiet room that can be reserved by bible study and student groups.

The business opened March 21, and just two days after opening the doors, the kitchen was bustling with whirling blenders, call-in orders and nutritional advice as a line of customers popped in for a quick, delicious and nutritious lunch.

“You buy 10 meals and get one free,” Goin told a newcomer, punching their reward card. 

Talking while filling orders, Kelli said a large area behind a pair of privacy doors will offer a variety of options, including twice weekly yoga classes for all skill levels and available at a low fee; big screen televisions for on-demand classes like Zumba and Country Heat that will be streamed at participants’ convenience at no cost; and spin classes that are expected to begin this summer.

Always ready for a challenge, Kelli kicked off a weight loss competition on Wednesday.

“I am doing the challenge, too, leading by example and not from behind,” she said, adding that she has a little more than 20-pounds of baby weight she would like to drop. “There’s always room for improvement.”

The challenge is a four-week program that includes weekly weigh-ins, measuring weight, body mass index (BMI), muscle mass, body fat percentage and visceral fat, and Kelli said the main goal is to establish new, long-term habits.

“I am helping them with when and what to eat, healthy recipes and snack options,” she said. “I want people to know there are options. Despite what they think, they need to snack – a protein snack paired with a fruit or vegetable to get needed fiber and other nutrients – and carbs are not bad. I will also be teaching about healthy portions – meat shouldn’t be the largest portion of the plate it should be a fourth of the plate. It takes 21 days to develop a pattern, if you can stick to something for 21 days or longer, you form new habits.”

Kelli Goin

Kelli knows firsthand how life changing new habits can be.

“I feel good, I am healthy and I am happy,” Kelli said, adding customers who have known her for some time see it. They say it’s good to see me happy again.”

Courtney Montoya, a Tarleton State University nursing student, has received Kelli’s nutritional support for about year, long before the opening of Goin2BeHealthy.   

“I am glad she’s here,” Montoya said. “Being a part of the club gives me more energy, and there’s something different on the menu every day. That keeps me motived and coming back for more.”

Kim Jones, a nursing student and certified nursing assistant, said the facility offers a homey atmosphere and helps keep her on track.

“This is somewhere you want to be,” Jones said. “It’s especially great that Kelli is here on the days I work, giving me an extra boost of motivation when I am away from home and my personal surroundings.”

In just days, Kelli was half-way to her daily service goal, making her even more confident about the business. But, the real goal has her focused on something much more important than numbers.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with an upbeat and encouraging atmosphere that has them feeling better when they leave than when they came in,” she said.

Goin2BeHealthy is open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, but Kelli reminds regulars and newcomers to check the club’s Facebook page daily for information on class times, schedule changes, special events, menu options and other information before making the drive.


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