June 17, 2018

Dublin ISD approves School Marshal Program

Rachel Tuggle

DUBLIN (April 21, 2017) – At the Dublin school board meeting last Monday, the school board recognized multiple students and approved several significant policy changes. Among those were approving the school marshal program and holding a public hearing about becoming a District of Innovation.

Under the Protection of Texas Children Act, district school boards can appoint school marshals. School marshals are current employees of the school district who go through training in order to carry a concealed gun on campus. The Dublin School Board appointed two school marshals, who, under law, must remain anonymous.

“Marshals are actually peace officers, according to the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement,” Dublin ISD superintendent Dr. Rodney Schneider said. “The only time [the two school marshals] can act is if there is a threat of imminent death or serious bodily injury according to the Texas penal code.”

Each school marshal went through seven days of training for 12 hours a day. This training included psychological evaluations, weapons qualifications, written tests and scenarios.

“The data shows that there have never been more than two deaths in a situation at a school when there was an armed person in the building,” Schneider said. “The sooner [the shooters] are confronted, the sooner they kill themselves or give up.”

In addition to appointing school marshals, Dublin ISD held a public hearing to become a District of Innovation. The school board also appointed the District of Innovation Committee.

“This program gives schools flexibility in certain areas, particularly the calendar,” Schneider said. “We can seek waivers from some of the regulations like the start date. You can reduce some of the teacher days as well.”

Other exemptions allowed to a District of Innovation include educator certification, teacher contracts, length of the school day, class size and certain purchasing and contract requirements.

The school board also heard a presentation about the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program. AVID is a “global nonprofit organization dedicated to closing the achievement gap by preparing all students for college and other post secondary opportunities” according to its website. AVID trains educators on how to prepare students for high school, college and a career.

“[In addition to] all of the things we do, it’s kind of a skills program to give [students] college preparatory skills — study skills, note taking, organization,” Schneider said.

The board named May 1 through 5 to be Teacher Appreciation Week.

Brady Moore was recognized as a first team all state 3A basketball player. Ethan Price was recognized as a state power lifting bronze medal recipient.

A wide variety of other students were recognized at the board meeting as well:

  • Academic scholars — Frank Trejo and Ana Tamayo
  • Athletic scholars — Hannah Ortega, Orlando Sevilla, Daniel Rodgriguez and Hailey Ortega
  • Extracurricular scholars — Angel Escobar and Adriana Ramirez
  • FCCLA students — Andrea Medina, Ruchi Patel, Ana Tamayo and Abril Vasguez
  • Power lifting athletes — Bryce Leatherwood, regional qualifier
    • Ethan Price, regional and state qualifier; third place at state
    • Jacob Riley, regional qualifier
    • Martha Riojas, regional and state qualifier; seventh place at state
  • Post-District Basketball Honors — Trask Brown, all district honorable mention
    • Brayden Burleson, first team all district
    • Elton Galbreath, all district honorable mention
    • Gabe Garcia, first team all district
    • Josh Hanes, first team all district
    • Rayce Jackson, offensive player of the year
    • Jeremiah Martinez, all district honorable mention
    • Brady Moore, MVP
    • Tim Teton, second team all district
  • FPS State Qualifiers
    • Intermediate Campus: Gracelyn Geijsel, Jaclyn Gibson, Kaylan Kiser, Mariana Ortiz
    • Junior High Campus: Bryton Ballenger, Hollyn Carr, Ella Frederick, Juan Garcia, Maeleigh Geijsel, Tyler Harrell, Jacob Lopez, Elian Olvera
    • High School Campus: Angel Escobar, Brianna Karasek, Emily McClure, Griffin Pickett, Camry Porter, Ethan Price, Adriana Ramirez, Jordyn Ricks

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