July 22, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Dear residents,

Please join me in voting for Nick Robinson, Doug Svien, Rhett Harrison and Sherry Zackery. Nick Robinson vs Mark McClinton. Nick is the most conservative of the two. Doug Svien vs Mandy McGee. Doug’s knowledge of city finances is invaluable to the council. He is dedicated to serving the taxpayers. Rhett Harrison vs Walter Wood. Rhett Harrison is the poster boy for conservatives. Walter is on record saying we need a tax rate increase. Sherry Zackery vs David Baskett. Sherry is extremely careful with the taxpayer dollars. She and Carla Trussel are the two best researchers on the council. Sherry is quiet until she really has something to say and then she is always on target. Baskett is on record insulting seniors in general with such remarks as “to old to stay awake during council meetings “. He is also on record as supporting the high dollar multipurpose center. Has no real knowledge of east side sewer but has criticized the council in general for his erroneous belief the council has done nothing. Vote for Baskett and you will be voting for higher taxes. Since I’ve been on the council, three years, pretty much all the changes have been made that I wanted to see have come about. We have an excellent and experienced city manager. Same for financial director. So with that in mind, if Baskett is elected I will resign from the council.
Thank you,
Jerry Warren


3 Comments on Letters to the Editor

  1. I can’t recall much change taking place over the past 3 years, other than SEDA getting almost $500k of our tax money….For little to no return. It’s time to put new blood on the city council to get our economy moving again! I miss the councils of Nash, McEvoy, Johnson, Zelman, etc when there was fire in their bellies and productive meetings. We don’t need council members who talk smack about other members, we need council men and women who put the city first.

  2. Mr. Warren,

    I would like to know how you can identify Mr. McClinton as less conservative than Mr. Robinson other than via writing. Mr. McClinton appears to be extremely cautious about decisions and spending done by the city. Mr. McClinton seems to utilize discretion and research with all of his decisions made as a councilman. Up until voting time, Mr. McClinton was the only councilmen I saw attending SEDA, public meetings, as well as other city meetings to follow the information and happenings to be the most informed prior to votes. I have spoken to Mr. McClinton on several occasions and found him to be sincere and dedicated to digging up facts, research and meeting with the city powers that be before voting, which I find extremely dedicated to making the best decisions for the city and conservative. Mr. McClinton also shows his conservativeness by not taking funds for the city council position, but rather giving them back to the city. In his Q&A with both the Empire Tribune and The Flash, his responses indicated both an educated and conservative view on decision making. So again, I would like to know how you can identify Mr. McClinton as less conservative than Mr. Robinson other than via writing.

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