September 24, 2018

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Sometimes forces come together to create the perfect storm. That appears to be the case with property taxes in Stephenville. Most 2017 appraisal valuations are up, way up. That means a possible triple whammy to taxpayers because they will likely see an increase in city, county, and school taxes. Do you live in an apartment? Most apartment complexes saw their appraised values double. And you thought your rent was already high? Hold on, it’s about to get a lot higher! Then, we have Councilman Nix going on record last Tuesday night calling for a nickel tax increase in property tax rates! Whoa! I hope everyone in Stephenville got significant raises in salaries this year because they’re going to need it just to pay taxes. Rising property values, a member of the council calling for tax increases, and addressing aging infrastructure issues make it more important than ever to support conservative city council members who will ask tough questions, hold the line on expenses, scrutinize the budget, and not rubber stamp every want as though it is a need! Please consider joining me in supporting incumbent council members Rhett Harrison, Sherry Zachery, and Doug Svien. I also ask that you support conservative candidate,Nick Robinson, because he’s with us.

There are two more days to cast your vote for conservatism; Tuesday, May 2, 7-7 at the Courthouse and Saturday May 6 from 7-7 at the courthouse.

Thank you,
Carla Trussell
Stephenville City Council Member

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