Letters to the Editor

Home Rule has been part of the Texas Constitution since 1876. It has been under assault by Gov. Abbott and the State Legislature for over two years. In August of 2016 Gov. Abbott addressed the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute and made his intention clear when he said, “One strategy would be for the State of Texas to take ‘rifle shot after rifle shot after rifle shot’ approach to try to override all these local regulations. I think it would be far simpler, and frankly easier for those of you who have to run your lives and your businesses on a daily basis, if the state of Texas adopted an overriding policy to create certain standards that must be met.”

A week or so ago Gov. Abbott called for a special session of the legislature to address 20 pieces of legislation and at least 7 of them are written to eliminate or weaken Home Rule.  This action would continue his agenda to “fire rifle shot after rifle shot after rifle shot” to eliminate Home Rule.

Gov. Abbott and the Legislature must be stopped and they can be stopped if Democrats and like-minded Republicans let them know that Home Rule should be protected, not destroyed.

Steve Green

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