June 18, 2018

Local family opens restaurant in honor of their father


GRANBURY (July 5, 2017) – The Avalos-Medrano family resides in Stephenville, but travels daily to Granbury to honor their father’s lifelong dream.

Rodrigo’s Mexican Restaurant, located on 1300 S. Morgan St in Granbury, is the fulfillment of not one, but two fathers who have been lost by this family. Yareli Avalos, Rodrigo’s youngest daughter, said her family has worked very hard to make the opening of the restaurant happen following the lost of  a great man in her life.

“Rodrigo’s Mexican Restaurant opened in memory of my father, Rodrigo Avalos Hernandez,” Avalos said. “My father passed away on July 31, 2015, in a tragic car accident. In a single blink of an eye, my family lost the ‘king’ and the primary caretaker of our household.”


On the other hand, opening up a small family Mexican restaurant has always been a dream of Avalos’ father-in-law, Joel Medrano Vazquez. Avalos said with nearly two years since the loss of Rodrigo, “I thought to myself, ‘Why not?’ This is something my dad would have loved more than anything.”

Now, the Medrano, Sanchez and Avalaos-Medrano families are working together at Rodrigo’s Mexican Restaurant to make the families’ dreams come true.

“As my father would always say, ‘The world is not always the color of roses’,” she recalled with a smile. “And, even though, I would have loved more than anything for him to be here with us to enjoy this and work together with him, I know that he is very proud of us. This restaurant means the world to me and my family.”

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  1. Nice tribute in honor of their lost,family matriarch.I want to try that restaurant someday.You can bet the food is authenticly good,as their Father’s would want it to be.The restaurant’s owner’s Father’s,would be very proud of their team work;in honor of their beloved memory.

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