Dublin grad receives Ranger College scholarship


RANGER COLLEGE (September 6, 2017) – In a private-public partnership, Ranger College Erath County Center joined forces with Catholic Charities of Fort Worth to offer a scholarship program to 25 students that covers all tuition, fees, and books through an associate’s degree or certification program.  Michael Perez, a 2002 graduate of Dublin High School, was thrilled to learn he was one of the scholarship recipients. 

Michael is one of six children who learned incredible work ethic from his parents.  After spending the last fifteen years working in jobs such as carpentry and in the oilfield, Michael knew it was time to pursue his lifelong dream of engineering.  Michael credits his teachers at Dublin Elementary School who pushed him to do his best and who cared so much for him. 

Michael Perez

“Mrs. Lemons was that special teacher for me.  She listened and challenged me to be a good student,” said Perez. 

When asked why he decided to go back to school, Michael said it all comes back to family.  “I want a better life for my future children and family is the most important thing to me.” 

As the second oldest in his family, Michael wants to be a good example to his sisters, especially the youngest who is still in high school.  “My sisters are so proud of me for going back to school, and my mother is my biggest supporter,” shared Perez.  “I prayed to God for a better life, but I was worried because college can be expensive.  I just decided to stop at Ranger College one day this summer to see what it would take to go to school.  I found out about the scholarship, and that really started the ball rolling.  When I found out I received the scholarship, I knew my prayers had been answered.”  Michael Perez is now a full-time pre-engineering student at Ranger College Erath Center. 

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