July 23, 2018

Erath County Community Coalition open for new members


Rachel Tuggle

ERATH (September 11, 2017) – The Erath Community Coalition is open for new members. They will be renewing their memberships today at their September meeting. Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting at 12 p.m. at the Agave.

“Membership is open to anyone and everyone,” EC3 coordinator Denise Harroff said. “The more members we have and the more diverse of a group we have, the better it comes down to brainstorming and coming up with ideas of things we can do in the community to bring awareness to the community.”

EC3’s main goal is to promote a drug-free lifestyle, which they do primarily through educating youth and young adults. EC3 gives presentations to college students and high school students. They also participate in a variety of community events and give out literature, talk to the community and have activities for kids.

“Our three main focuses are prescription drug abuse, marijuana use and underage drinking,” Harroff said.

Individuals and businesses are welcome to join EC3. While the $25 membership fee is not a requirement, it is encouraged because the membership fees create the general fund for EC3. The general fund covers all expenses not covered by the grant that funds the organization.

“Membership is not time-consuming,” Harroff said. “Even if you can only come once a month, it’s great to have someone come and throw ideas out about what we can do in the next month.”

Monthly meetings are the second Monday of every month.

“We talk about ideas that we are working on — short term ideas as well as long term ideas and things we can do in the coming future.”

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