Letters to the Editor

This November’s election will be the most important election of our lifetime.  There will never be an election as important as this.  It will determine if we are forever subjugated to a new and unjust tax, or if we win the right to keep our own hard earned money.

The people of Erath County are a proud people.  We are hard working, long suffering, and forever enduring.  We might not yet have the economic might of some of our nearby neighbors, but we make do with what we have in the here and now while planning for a brighter future.  However, a dark cloud casts a shadow on the brightness of our future, and that dark cloud is Ranger College.

With a total disregard to the hardworking and already financially drained people of Erath County, Ranger College seeks to impose a new and permanent tax on the people of our community.  Ranger College is attempting to place a forty three cent property tax, per hundred dollars of valuation, on every property in Erath County.  What does that mean?  As an example, a home worth $160,000 will have its property taxes increased $688 dollars next year.  Over the course of a thirty year mortgage, that will cost you an extra $20,640 dollars.  Approximately one-eighth of your home’s value will have been taken from you by Ranger College during that time.

Why is Ranger College doing this?  They are doing this to service debt on dorms that were built to service people in another county.  That’s right Erath County residents, your money, your tax dollars, will be taken from you to pay for a development in another county.

I for one will oppose the massive Ranger College tax increase, and I urge you to as well.  We will never get a second chance to undo the damage that this will do to our community.  After all, as Ronald Reagan once opined, “the closest thing you can ever get to eternal life on this Earth is a governmental entity”.  If this disastrous legislation is passed in the coming election, we will never be able to undo its damage.  We have to make our stand here and now.  We have to tell the government that we will not allow it to grow ever larger and take even more of our already limited income.  We must vote NO on November 7th!


Thank you,

Justin Allison


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