September 26, 2018

Center for Transformative Learning supports Tarleton goals

STEPHENVILLE (November 9, 2017) — Tarleton’s strategic goals are academic innovation, student transformation, distinctive engagement and exemplary service. To fulfill these goals and support the university’s student-focused mission, Tarleton recently combined the applied and experiential learning programs and the Center for Academic Outreach and Engagement into the Center for Transformative Learning (CTL).

This adjustment offers additional opportunities to enhance applied learning programs and further integrate community engagement into Tarleton’s core enterprises of teaching, research and service. As a result, CTL encourages and supports opportunities for students to develop skills beyond their discipline through in- and out-of-classroom experiences while expanding their sense of social responsibility.

CTL acts as a resource for faculty/staff planning, implementing, enhancing, engaging and assessing active and reflective learning experiences in the following areas: Global and Cultural Enrichment; Leadership; Civic Engagement, Research and Creative Activities; Internships; and Service.

CTL works collaboratively to provide transformative learning experiences for current students and for community members. CTL’s continuing education unit invites Tarleton faculty, staff and the community to learn with us and teach for us.

Tarleton faculty, staff and community instructors may provide face-to-face or online courses through CTL’s continuing education office. CTL’s continuing education personnel assist instructors as they plan, develop, advertise and deliver continuing education courses.

Corporate partners are invited to request customized training programs through CTL’s continuing education unit as well. Once a customized training request is received, CTL’s continuing education unit works alongside corporate partners and university personnel to identify and deploy university resources to meet each customized training request.

As a state institution, Tarleton is committed to embedding community needs in its core work of research, teaching and service. This commitment highlights Tarleton’s desire to remain an engaged institution and ensure public access to university resources and knowledge.

To ensure that this commitment is sustained, Tarleton established a steering committee to advance university-wide community engagement by serving as an internal advisory committee.

The committee compared Tarleton’s community engagement efforts to the Carnegie Foundation’s criteria for community engaged institutions and found Tarleton is well on its way to reaching the Carnegie standard. However, the committee will continue to advance specific policies and procedures to support community engagement in preparation for Tarleton’s 2019 application for the Carnegie Foundation’s Community Engagement Classification.

The committee’s advice and support will help guide CTL in matters related to the coordination, tracking/documentation, assessment and recognition of community engagement of faculty, staff and students.

For additional information regarding CTL, contact Dr. Denae Dorris, CTL Director, at 254-968-9559,, or connect via Facebook and Twitter @TarletonCTL.

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