Letters to the Editor

I wish to congratulate Dr. Cross on his balanced opinion pieces. However, I seriously question the facade he presents of Republicans being in fear of gun injury like with the rest of the population.

It should not be forgotten that Republican business leaders have the power to justify their own $5 million salaries; a gold-plated chopper or limousine to travel to and from work; a”minefield” of access door codes and security cameras; and the need to wade “knee- deep” through a battery of security guards and assistants to reach their own command post. Furthermore, it is the employees, clients and customers who indirectly pay for this privilege with higher prices, lower wages, and diminished workplace standards… even unemployment.

It’s like offering ice blocks to Eskimos. CEOs, Board members and upper management don’t need a gun for protection… so it’s offered as an enticement, as an inalienable right for others.

If business leaders are satisfied with their offer of low wages, tax minimisation loopholes etc, they should have no fear of their right to move unprotected through the lower class suburbs they have helped to create.

Yes. Every man and his dog should be entitled to own a weapon for self-protection… but only if you’re prepared to run the same risks and pressures of former disgruntled employees.

Iain McDonald
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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