Yates torridly climbing in world rankings thanks to middle-rounds ‘heater’

Two days ago Marty Yates had won six rounds at four NFRs. Now he's won eight. Tie-down roping wins in rounds 5 and 6 have 'Boy Wonder' and his horse, Buster, within $50,000 of world leader Tuf Cooper. || Photo by DUDLEY BARKER/dudleydoright.com

Courtesy PRCA
From NFR report following Round 6

LAS VEGAS (December 12, 2017) — Marty Yates is making a run.

A night after winning in 7.0 seconds, Yates was even better, winning the tie-down roping by tying a Round 6 record in 6.9 seconds.

After coming into this year’s WNFR in seventh place in the world standings, Yates has climbed to third place with $83,192 won at the Finals for a total of $180,366.

“When I found out the calf I had tonight, I knew it was going to be good,” Yates said. “I just stuck to my game plan and I didn’t back off and kept going forward. I got an amazing start. Sometimes when you’re here and you come through that barrier you don’t know whether you are for sure out or not and that’s when you make the fastest runs. Everything came together tonight, and it felt awesome. I knew if I just did my job, I was going to win the round.”

Yates tied the round record he set in 2014 with Matt Shiozawa that same year.

“When you make those kinds of runs, everything has to go perfect and it did just that tonight. I don’t care if you’re 6.5 or 6.9, everything has to go perfect,” the Stephenville cowboy said. “When you’re out here doing good, there’s not a better feeling in the world, and I’m just looking forward to the remaining rounds and hoping that everything goes my way.”

Tuf Cooper is still at the top of the tie-down roping standings with $226,675.


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