Team ropers Brown/Long tie with Tryan/Corkill

Luke Brown and Jake Long, tied, with Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill for the top spot in Round 8 team roping at the NFR Thursday. The local quartet combined pocket almost $94,000 for the night. || Courtesy DUDLEY BARKER/

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LAS VEGAS (December 14, 2017) — Team ropers Luke Brown and Jake Long stopped the clock in 4.1 seconds to tie with Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill to win team roping in Round 8.

More importantly, the first-place tie bumped Brown into first place in the world standings among team roping headers, while Long moved into second place in the team roping heeling world standings.



The win marked the fifth time in the 2017 Finals that Brown and Long placed, and the second time they had won a go-round.

“It’s been a blessed week so far,” Brown said. “It sure has been our week.”

The pair are hoping to keep things rolling over the last two nights.

“It’s been a great week,” Long said. “We started off kind of bad but we rallied and put ourselves in a good spot to make a lot of money.”

For the second time in four days, Tryan and Corkill found themselves at the top of the clock.


“It feels pretty good, really, especially since I thought I broke the barrier,” Tryan said. “The steer wasn’t very good, he kind of came left, so it was good to win the round. We lucked out tonight.”

The win put another $23,481 in each of the four winners’ pockets.

“We came in here with around $50,000, so I’m thinking more about making a living, and so now whatever happens I’m able to make a good living financially,” Corkill said.

Heeler Cory Petska moved into second first place in heeler standings after he and header Erich Rogers tied for third place in Round 8.


Richmond Champion reigned supreme once more in bareback riding Thursday. His 88 point ride aboard Hi Lo Rodeo’s Pretty Woman gave the Stephenville and past Tarleton cowboy split the top two spots in Round 2 and has made the money six times already, earning more than $90,000 during the NFR and positioning himself second in the average entering the final two rounds.

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