Letters to the Editor – Santa’s Dilemma

Dear Editor,

Many things have changed in the U.S. since Santa Claus last visited. The new President insists on extreme vetting of non-citizens, and Santa realized he had no visa or green card.  Centuries ago he had migrated to the North Pole, but without an embassy, what would he do this year?

The Gilded Grinch had many bans in place and Santa was very worried, but he was able to negotiate a really yuuuuge deal with the Gilded Grinch.  Santa could bring his presents to the U.S. as repatriated wealth, but what sealed the yuuuuuge deal was the gift for the grinch and his trolls of a yuuuuge tax cut.  Santa would deliver gifts for the “little people” that actually pay the taxes, the bill and a small chunk of “cleeean” coal to help the coal industry.

With the crisis averted, Santa wishes everyone a very merry holiday season.

Steve Green

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