Girl Scout Cookie sales begin Wednesday

Rachel Snyder

ERATH COUNTY (January 15, 2018)- The Girl Scouts are getting ready for their annual cookie sales again. Starting on Wednesday through Feb. 25, the Girl Scouts will scatter across Erath County to sell their classic cookies.

This year’s cookies include the classics and two new cookies that were introduced last year — the s’mores and the gluten-free trio. Cookies cost four dollars per box except for the trios, which are five dollars per box.

The Girl Scouts plan on being at the Stephenville Walmart every Saturday and Sunday until cookie sales end.

“That is our main spot,” service unit product sales manager Jana Saucedo said.

If you do not know any Girl Scouts and would like to buy cookies, call Saucedo at 254-485-6999.

“On a local level we use [money raised from cookie sales] for educational and outdoor programs for our girls in Erath County,” Saucedo said.


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  1. So sorry; i have loved; purchased. supported Girl Scouts for over 40 years; shame on them; i must now boycott them with their liberal homosexual agenda; shame on them!

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