Letters to the Editor – Gov. Abbott Tax Reform

Dear Editor,

I recently received an email from Gov. Abbott’s office and the following is a quote from the email: “Texans are fed up with seeing their local governments raise property taxes and increase government spending without consequence while honest, hardworking people struggle to keep up with their skyrocketing property taxes.”

Gov. Abbott revealed his latest tax reform plan and it clearly demonstrates his desire to undermine home rule.  This tax reform plan is an attempt to control how cities, counties and school districts operate.  His plan would put a cap on local property tax revenue growth and that cap would be determined by the state legislature, not the local governing entity. He says the cap will provide one uniform system throughout the state.  In other words, one size fits all.

According to Gov. Abbott, taxes in the State of Texas have skyrocketed over decades. It is only fair to give credit to the governor when he gets something right.  For decades, the State of Texas has been governed by the Republican party and taxes have skyrocketed.  Perhaps the answer to reduce skyrocketing taxes calls for a change in which political party governs.  According to Gov. Abbott, Republicans have not done enough to curtail rising taxes and a reform is necessary.

Since the current politicians and the politicians of the immediate past decades have failed, it might be time to give newcomers a chance to stem the tide of skyrocketing property taxes.

Steve Green

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