Annual Turnbow-Higgs American Legion Four Chaplains Program


STEPHENVILLE (February 4, 2018) – On Sunday, the Turnbow-Higgs American Legion Post 240 and the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 240 held their annual Four Chaplains Program.  The program presents an incredible true and heroic story of how four military chaplains gave up their life preservers to four young soldiers as the U.S.A.T. Dorchester sank in frigid cold waters.  On Feb. 2, 1943, the ship had been torpedoed by a German U-Boat and the ship was loaded to capacity with 902 servicemen, merchant seamen and civilian workers.  Of the 902 men aboard, only 230 survived.  When life preservers were being handed out as the ship began to sink, it became obvious there would not be enough preservers for everyone.  These four heroic chaplains did not hesitate to give up their preserver so someone else could live even though they each knew it meant they each would certainly die.  These four men are true American heroes.


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