Q and A with Erath County Treasurer Candidate Kelli Raymond

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Rachel Snyder


ERATH COUNTY (March 4, 2018)– This article is part of a series on Erath County treasurer candidates. All interviewees were asked the same questions, and the interviews will be presented in Q and A format.

Q: What is your current career?

A: I am Assistant Vice President of mortgage lending at TexasBank in Stephenville.

Q: What do you have a degree in and where did you get it?

A: I have a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management from Tarleton State University.

Q: Are you married and/or do you have children? If so, what are their names and ages?

A: I am blessed to share my life with my best friend and husband of almost 9 years, Josh Raymond. Together we have 2 boys, Jagger, age 7 and Jarrett, age 4. These 3 are the light of my life.

Q: How are you involved in the community?

A: I currently serve as the Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council’s Board of Directors as treasurer. I am a 2017 graduate of Leadership Stephenville were I served as secretary/treasurer. For our class project we raised money for Backpack Buddies of Erath County. We are currently gearing up for our 2nd annual Burger’s for Backpack Buddies, where I help gather burger supplies as well as peg donations. I also stay involved in my boy’s extracurricular activities and schools. In the past I have found that my involvement in too many activities limits my ability to serve well. By allowing myself more involvement in fewer activities, enables me to give more attention and effort in these endeavors.

Q: What area do you live in within the county?

A: My husband and I purchased a home in Walking Horse Estates in October of 2016. We love our kid friendly neighborhood filled with Halloween hayrides, outdoor family movie nights, Easter egg hunts, and any other excuse we can find to get the neighbors together.

Q: How long have you lived in Erath County?

A: 38 years

Q: Why are you running for this position?

A: In October, I was contacted and asked to consider running for this office. I gave this careful consideration and discussed with my husband, who claims I have been campaigning for 38 years because I have never met a stranger. I realized my education and experience has shaped and prepared me for this servant role. I cannot think of a better way to serve and I am thrilled to apply for the position of county treasurer.  I am proud of the fact that the retiring Erath County Treasurer of 30 years, Donna Kelly, has endorsement me as her replacement.

Q: What are your qualifications for county treasurer?

A: My degree in Human Resource Management and 18 years in the banking industry uniquely qualifies me as the choice candidate for Erath County Treasurer. During my tenure as a banker, I have learned effective communication, relationship building, and attention to detail. My banking experience also provides me with the confidence, know-how and professional commitment that I practice day in and day out, these are imperative requirements that will allow me to best serve our county.

Q: What are the responsibilities of the county treasurer?

A: The duty of the county treasurer is to receive and deposit all county revenues. The treasurer is designated as the county’s investment officer and is required to submit regular reports on county finance to the members of the commissioner’s court. Funds are disbursed upon the order of the commissioner’s court. The treasurer is to act as the chief liaison between the county and the bank and is to record receipts and expenditures as well as reconcile the bank statements. The treasurer will also be designated as the county’s human resource officer. Even though, human resource is not a constitutional duty of a county treasurer; it is an essential part of the Erath County Treasurer’s responsibilities. My degree from Tarleton State University in Human Resource Management will strengthen my ability to coordinate employee benefits, risk management and insurance benefits, as well as payroll preparation and processing. These duties and responsibilities are crucial to local county government and I will carefully consider and review each aspect.

Q: How would being elected affect your current career?

A: If elected, I would no longer be employed at TexasBank. The county treasurer requires a full time position and I intend to occupy it as such. Thankfully, my TexasBank family has been supportive of my decision to pursue this office.

Q: How do you view the county treasurer pay scale?

A: I feel the county treasurer pay scale to be accurate and in line with surrounding counties treasurer pay scales.

Q: What would be your #1 priority if you were elected?

A: The most important function of the county treasurer is to protect the taxpayer’s money. I will work closely with the county auditor’s office in preparing the annual budget. The budget is set to protect county assets. It also enables the commissioner court to invest strategically for the best interest of the county.  If elected, I will always practice an open door policy and I would encourage questions or concerns in regards to Erath County finances.

Q: Do you consider yourself a conservative or a liberal?

A: Conservative

Q: In the last statewide election, did you vote in republican or democratic primary?

A: Republican ballot

Q: What are your Republican Party credentials?

A: I always vote in the Republican Primary and for Republican candidate in general elections.

Q: Have you read and do you agree with the party platform?

A: I have read and I absolutely agree with the Republican Party platform.

Q: What is the biggest financial issue our county faces?

A: Our county is in a GREAT position financially, however, if we were faced with unfunded mandates, this could cause financial burden on our county and cause an increase in property taxes, as it did with our county jail.

Q: What would I do about it?

A: The only way to help make a difference is to contact our local representatives who vote on these mandates to demand funding.

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