Q and A with Erath County Treasurer Candidate Kimberly Barrier

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Rachel Snyder


ERATH COUNTY (March 4, 2018)– This article is part of a series on Erath County treasurer candidates. All interviewees were asked the same questions, and the interviews will be presented in Q and A format.

Q: What is your current career?

A: I am the current financial controller for Buckhorn Pumps, Inc.

Q: What do you have a degree in and where did you get it?

A: I am a third generation graduate from Tarleton State University, where I received a Bachelor degree in Business Administration in Accounting, cum laude, in 2002. I continued my education, graduating in 2005 with a Masters of Business Administration, magna cum laude.

Q: Are you married and/or do you have children? If so, what are their names?

A: I am a single mother of three children. Their names are Wesley, Skylar, and Jaxson.

Q: How are you involved in the community?

A: I have been a member of Cross Timbers Business and Professional Women for 15 years and have served as President, Vice President, and Secretary, and have also chaired multiple committees, being the current Finance Chair for the past two years. I stay involved with PTO, and have served as Secretary in the past. I am active in the First United Methodist Church of Stephenville, where I have recently been selected as a Trustee. I also volunteer for Meals on Wheels of Erath County and Salvation Army.

Q: What area do you live in within the county? Do you own any property?

A: I live within the city limits of Stephenville. I own my residence.

Q: How long have you lived in Erath County?

A: I am a fifth generation Erath County resident and have lived in Erath County all of my life.

Q: Why are you running for this position?

A: I am running for this position because I can bring to the citizens of Erath County over 20 years of experience in accounting, tax, payroll, human resources, and management, and even five years of legal experience. The position of county treasurer requires experience, education, and expertise in all of the areas I have made the focus of my career.

Q: What are your qualifications for county treasurer?

A: My accounting experience includes budgeting, invoicing, deposits, accounts receivable, accounts payable, assets, liabilities, inventory, monthly reconciliation of bank, floor, and credit card accounts, payroll, monthly adjusting entries and financials, year-end adjusting entries and financials, preparation of 941, 940, W-2, 1099, and TWC reports.

My human resources experience includes payroll, employee recordkeeping and reporting, employee benefits coordination, government reporting and filing, employee handbook details, worker’s compensation reporting, and unemployment issues.

My management experience includes organizational leadership, decision making, and managing multiple employees.

Q: What are the responsibilities of the county treasurer?

A: The duties of the county treasurer include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Receiving and depositing revenue collected from all county departments;
  • Disbursing funds associated with all county departments;
  • Keeping record of and reporting all revenues, disbursements, and assets of the county to the commissioners’ court and citizens;
  • Ensuring that county officials and corresponding departments are working

within the approved county budget;

  • Reconciling accounts;
  • Performing adjusting entries for monthly and yearly reporting;
  • Acting as custodian of investments of county funds;
  • Acting as the chief liaison with the depository banks and the county;
  • Managing human resources functions for the county, which include payroll,

employee recordkeeping and reporting, employee benefits coordination, government reporting and filing, employee handbook details, worker’s compensation reporting, and unemployment issues;

  • Working closely with all county officials and county employees, whether elected, appointed, or hired;
  • Staying abreast of and understanding current and changing laws and regulations related to the county and the job functions.


Q: How would being elected affect your current career?

A: I would leave my current position at Buckhorn Pumps, Inc., and dedicate my career to Erath County citizens full-time.

Q: How do you view the county treasurer pay scale?

A: I am very passionate about my career and serving the citizens of Erath County, and I place little significance on the county treasurer’s pay.

Q: What would your number one priority be if you were elected?

A: If elected, my number one priority is to protect and properly report the funding and expenses of the county. The Treasurer holds a fiduciary position, and therefore has a duty to manage and invest county funds with the utmost care and minimal risk.

Q: Do you consider yourself a conservative or a liberal?

A: I consider myself a conservative.

Q: In the last statewide election, did you vote in the republican or democratic primary?

A: In the last statewide election, I voted in the republican primary.

Q: What are your republican party credentials? Have you read and do you agree to the party platform?

A: I am a member of Cross Timbers Republican Women. I have read and agree with the Republican Party platform.

Q: What is the biggest financial issue our county faces? What will you do about it?

A: The commissioners’ court has the weighty responsibility of acting on our county’s most serious financial issues.  My duty as Treasurer will be to properly report to the commissioners’ court the financial standing of the county so they can make informed decisions, and then also to see that the resources of the county are used to carry out those decisions.

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