Jackets upended in Area Quarterfinals 4-1 by Bridgeport


Bridgeport kept the ball on Stephenville’s side of the field for too long, and it led to a 4-1 loss for the Yellow Jackets in the Class 4A State Soccer Playoffs at Aledo High School Friday night.

“I’m so proud of you guys,” Coach Taylor Smith said. “There was a time when you could have just quit, but you didn’t you kept fighting all the way.”

The defeat was obviously disappointing for the Jackets who had beaten Bridgeport earlier in the season by a 2-0 score, but they couldn’t get on track in the second matchup.

Bridgeport got on the scoreboard at the 7:35 mark of the first half and added breathing room with another goal early in the second half.

The Jackets got their lone goal with 8:53 when Jorge Gallegos scored in front of a crowded net and snuck the ball past the goalkeeper. The Jackets went into desperation mode in hopes of racking up a couple of quick goals while Bridgeport did their best to stall out the effort.

“We get these guys in a third game, and I think we pull it off,” Smith said. “Our younger guys are going to have to take this bad feeling and remember it. That way we can turn it into another positive for next year.”

Looking at his squad, Smith smiled and said, “I love all you guys. I know this hurts, but let’s not forget you guys are district, bi-district and area champions and nobody can take that away from you.”

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