23rd Annual Upland Bird Extravaganza Wild Game Dinner & Auction


STEPHENVILLE (April 10, 2018) – If you go out to the 23rd Annual Upland Wild Game Dinner and Auction hosted by the Stephenville Evening Lions Club prepare for a little mystery, get ready to help out area children and have a whole night filled with a lot of fun and good food.

We’re not talking about a late-night Sherlock Holmes mystery but more along the line of, “What did I eat and why does it taste so good thriller.”

Those attending Friday night at 5 p.m. will recognize the prime rib (just in case the duck is not your fare) however identifying the hush bunnies (oh yes) might be a little harder.

Upland Bird Chairman Justin Haschke has his personal favorites.

“My favorites in order are the duck, buffalo, and red stag,” Justin Haschke said. “We are hoping to surpass last year’s record of $220,000 with the hopes we can raise $300,000.”

As part of the fundraiser, there are two auctions for trips to Costa Rica and an African Safari Trip. There are also raffles including chances at a Kubota ATV.

That’s money that will go directly back to the children in Erath County.

“Whether kids are going hungry on the weekend because of socioeconomic conditions or a group of children are planning an outdoor project with their boy/girl scout club, the money raised goes back to those causes,” Haschke said. “If you believe that’s important as an individual in Erath County, you can give to our event and know who it’s helping”

It’s also a fun time filled with great food like stir-fried duck, venison, “mystery meat” (If it doesn’t eat you first and it tastes good then ask for seconds), catfish, wild pork and more. Each year’s meal is always different as sometimes the harvest may be thin or didn’t cooperate as it did the year before.

“Honestly, the best part about going is visiting with your friend and neighbors in this community coming together for a great purpose,” Haschke said. “This is about helping children to be in a better situation than they were before.”

The Upland Wild Game Dinner starts at 5 p.m. at City Hall at City Limits at 1907 E. Washington in Stephenville. Tickets at the door are $20 for more information contact Justin Haschke at 254-485-2191. Below are some scenes from last year’s Upland Game Dinner.




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