Town Charter amendments for 2018 election, financing for East Side Sewer Project Approved


Rachel Snyder

STEPHENVILLE (April 24, 2018)– At the Stephenville City Council special session meeting tonight, the council voted on two major ongoing projects. The council first approved all fourteen proposed amendments to the town charter. Those amendments will be on the ballot at the 2018 Nov. election.

These amendments include issues such as instituting term limits for the mayor and council, increasing the length of the city council members’ terms from two to three years and reducing the city council from eight to six members. One amendment will also institute a recall procedure for elected officials.

These amendments also include removing outdated language and making sure the charter complies with state law. It also adds or changes sections regarding policies that have already been put in place, such as the position of city administrator.

Additionally, the council voted on three issues regarding the East Side Sewer Project. The first vote authorized the city to publish notices of intent, which give notice that the council will discuss issuing certificates of obligation on June 5. It also authorized conducting an environmental review and beginning the easement acquisition process.

The East Side Sewer project began about 10 years ago and originally was a future needs project. The current project addresses sewer capacity issues for 70 percent of the collection system in Stephenville.

The project is estimated to cost $16.2 million. The Texas Water Development Board has committed to providing a loan for $17.3 million. The interest rate is currently varying between 1.27-1.35 percent.


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