Letters to the Editor

Dear Stephenville ISD Voters,

For 16 years I have had the privilege of teaching for the Stephenville ISD. As an educator, I’ve seen first-hand the impact a school board member can have on our students, teachers and facilities. It’s imperative to have a mix of knowledge and experience on the board who can effectively manage our district to maximize our resources and create the most opportunities for the students. Choosing the right person to serve our district is crucial to our long-term success.

With that in mind, I endorse Dr. Robert Barbaree. His experience as a local businessman, educator and father have prepared him to fill the seat currently held by Gary Sult, another business owner. As voters, we need to be aware of the importance of filling Mr. Sult’s position with someone who brings a business and financial skill set to our board. Dr. Barbaree is that candidate.

I’ve known Dr. Barbaree, his parents, former Stephenville educators, and his wife’s family for most of my career. His dedication to the children of Stephenville has been proven through years of service through Optimist Club, H.O.P.E., scouting, his church and as a parent volunteer for his four children. Please join me in voting for the candidate who is prepared to address the financial and facility management concerns facing our district, Dr. Robert Barbaree.


Jim Ed Haile
special education and vocational teacher and parent of an SHS student   


  1. I am not sure we need another businessman on our board. His opponent seems to have much more educational knowledge (a doctorate in education) and experience in public schools. I hope voters see the vast gap in ability and vote Julie Howell for place 1. Volunteering in schools is what every parent should do…knowing how they actually work is what I expect from my school board members. #votehowell

    • Dr. Robert Barberre is invested in this community. He physically puts his life, his family, his children into it. His business benefits our community and our lives. I want someone who is dedicated to his family and community. Robert is not a businessman first. He is a man with a vision for his family that spills over into our community where we reap the benefits of his integrity and leadership. That’s who I want to represent me and my family. He will be making decisions that not only affect his kids, but also my grandkids, one day. I want someone who has a long term vision from the “outside” and not from the “inside.” Dr. Barberee has a bigger perspective and can bring my real life concerns to the table because he has those same concerns. He knows firsthand what goes into a well-working educational system. He created one for dental hygenist students in our own community. I respect Dr. Barberee greatly and look forward to his focused leadership and service. Solid leadership. Character. Community vision. #VOTEBARBEREE

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