Honeybee Volleyball Camp has record 131 attendees


(6-6-2018) Players are turning out record numbers this week for the 2018 Honeybee Volley Camp being held at Henderson Junior High in Stephenville.
“This is just great we have 72 campers in the morning and 59 in the afternoon,” Coach Shay Douglas said. “I’m very excited to see these kinds of numbers.”

With 131 athletes to watch over it’s easy to see why the camp is broken down into different times of the day. Douglas’ coaching staff disperse themselves throughout the girls to provide one-on-one coaching and not paying attention, or being “loud enough” isn’t a wise choice.
“Wow! That was weak! Maybe we need to do some burpees,” Douglas shouted Wednesday morning. “Maybe we need to get that blood pumping.”

Douglas was demonstrating technique and it didn’t take long for the girls to quickly catch up to the paces the coaches were setting for them.
“They are coming to camp focused and ready to practice,” Douglas said with a big smile. “I think the numbers we have coming out are very good for the future of our volleyball program.”


Grades 6-9 are taking part in the camp from 8-11 AM and grades 1-5 take part from 1-3 PM. If you are a Honeybee Volleyball fan there are still T-Shirts available at a cost of just $5 and can be purchased at the Henderson gym through Thursday.

Stay tuned to The Flash Today for group photos from this camp.

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