New local restaurant to bring “Different Menu” to Stephenville

Photo provided by Kayleigh Caamaño

Rachel Snyder

STEPHENVILLE (June 11, 2018) – Just a couple of blocks from the center of downtown lies Stephenville’s newest restaurant – Caam’s. This soon-to-open restaurant plans to bring a variety of new dishes to the Stephenville food scene, such as Neapolitan pizza, Cuban sandwiches and specialty cocktails.

Caam’s is owned by husband and wife duo Jann and Kayleigh Caamaño.

“To be honest half of [the idea] just came from seeing a need here in Stephenville,” Jann said. “We come a lot to see her family and stuff like that. We’d always be sitting around saying, ‘Where do you want to go eat?'”

Neapolitan pizza will be a new type of pizza for this area. The traditional Italian pizza is made of softer dough than deep dish pizza, and it must be baked in a 1,000-degree oven for 90 seconds.

Customers will be able to stand at the “pizza bar” and watch their pizzas being cooked in the wood-burning oven.

“It’s supposed to have a nice leopard print char around the edge of it,” Kayleigh said. “The flavor is amazing. It’s not burnt, but, when you are cooking a pizza a couple of inches away from an open flame, it adds a little char, a little flavor.”

Caam’s has a designated chalk wall full of art.

The Cuban sandwiches come from Jann’s Puerto Rican background and the specialty drinks from his experience bar tending in Austin.

“Just to bring a different menu with fresh ingredients and everything made from scratch was a big deal to us,” Kayleigh said.

Having quality ingredients is one of the most important parts of this restaurant to the Caamaños.

“If we cannot source quality, fresh ingredients, then we won’t do it,” Jann said. “Period.”

But, the Caamaños do not believe that fresh ingredients should equal high prices. If a dish gets to be too expensive to make, the Caamaños will remove the item from the menu or make it a specialty item.

“Everybody in this town works for their money,” Jann said. “They earn their money, and they should get their money’s worth. We want people to come in and not feel like it has to be a special occasion.”

Jann and Kayleigh Caamaño in front of a pallet wall Jann made.

Additionally, Caam’s will have craft beers and “everyday” beers.

“Some of the beers we are bringing in can’t be delivered here,” Jann said. “We are actively going and picking them up and bringing them here.”

But, the Caamaños stress, Caam’s will not be a bar scene.

“If you want to come and grab a couple of cocktails and sit out on the patio and talk about work, you can do that,” Jann said. “If you want to have dinner with you and your family, then you can do that as well. This isn’t going to be a bar where everyone is getting drunk. We will keep that under control, so people can come and relax and not worry about those types of things.”

Jann and Kayleigh began renovating Caam’s into what it is today in 2016. The couple gutted much of the building and have almost completely renovated it themselves.

“Besides the plumbing and electrical that someone has to be licensed to do, we have done the vast majority of it,” Kayleigh said. “We work also, so it’s finding time in between to get it done.”

The restaurant includes a bar area, a dining space, a room to hold special events and an outdoor patio. Caam’s will be open Tuesday through Sunday lunchtime through dinner and later on weekends. Caam’s will be non-smoking both inside and out, and pets will not be allowed inside or on the patio area.

“We are trying to open as quickly as possible,” Jann said. “At this point, two months on the far end from us opening is incredibly reasonable. That’s if we run into issues with something that might set us back. We are as ready to be open as much as people want us to be open. But, we want to make sure everything is done right.”

To keep up with updates on when Caam’s will open, follow them on their Facebook page.



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