Local art exhibit features “Faces of Erath County”

Ashley Inge


STEPHENVILLE (July 5, 2018)– The Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council is hosting an art exhibit featuring local attorney and painter, Jeff Schneck from July 10 to Aug. 31. The reception will be on Thursday, July 12 from 5-7 p.m. at the CTFAC River North Gallery, located at 204 River North Blvd. in Stephenville.

The art exhibit is called “Faces of Erath County.” Schneck picked the topic because he thought it would be an interesting exhibit. He painted portraits of individuals that make up Erath County as well as locations or landscapes that would be representative of Erath County.

“There’s just so much beauty out there and just trying to interpret that on a canvas is kind of inspiring for me,” Schneck said. “Each individual face has so much uniqueness to it and it’s just really fun to try to see somebody’s face and try to capture their essence on a canvas and that’s just kind of an inspiring thing to do. When you are able to accomplish that, at least to a reasonable degree, it gives me a real sense of satisfaction.”

Schneck has been painting since he was around 20 years old. Once he got married and started a family, he didn’t have as much time to paint as he would have liked. When Schneck and his family lived in Arizona, he started taking classes at the Scottsdale Artists’ School. For the past two years, the Schneck family has lived in Stephenville. They built their new home and decided to create an art studio for Jeff. He tries to devote about five days a week to painting.

Schneck said he decided to become an artist because he loves to create, he loves the flexibility that oil gives him and he also loves the challenge.

“I just love to do things that are creative in nature,” Schneck said. “Oil paints, in particular, allow you to work with a medium that has some flexibility to it. You’re trying to interpret something in a 3D world and put it onto a 2D canvas, but oil paint kind of allows you to mold the paint and create what you see. Every time I start a painting, there’s a little bit of a sense of ‘Who’s going to win this – the canvas or me?’ Each new painting presents a new challenge and I like that. I really enjoy the idea of taking color and values and shapes and making something out of that.”

Schneck hopes that the audience will appreciate his attempt to send a message through his artwork. He also hopes that the audience will take away an appreciation for the beauty in his paintings and will develop an interest in people in his particular exhibit.

“I hope the audience realizes that each person is individual and different and has a lot to offer in and of themselves,” Schneck said. “We live in a pretty special place that has a lot of really interesting and wonderful people so I hope they’ll take away some of that.”


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