Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I was tagged in an online post on the Erath County Breaking News page regarding the roadside park between Stephenville and Glen Rose.  I responded to some of the text with a letter I had written October 25, 2017. ( I have attached a copy below)  The only response I received from the 6  people I sent this letter out to was from Judge Danny Chambers and he was kind enough to come by my office in  Glen Rose and talk to me about the Park and to let me know that it would either be TXDOT or the County Highway Department.

I  stopped by the  TXDOT office when their office was in Glen Rose and also out at the new office on HWY 144.  I was told they would pass on the information and someone would call me. No one ever calls.
I would like to organize a work day at the park on Saturday, September 8th and whoever could bring, chainsaws, weed eaters, trailers and etc come help. There is lots of work to be done and it will take several days. I am more than willing to buy paint and pay for the rock work to be restored. With or without TXDOT approval or help I want to see the Park brought back to its glory.
There is a plaque in the Park stating that the land was donated by Mr. & Mrs. Gibbs and their children in 1958. 60 years ago this year. What better way to honor them then beautify the Park!
Please read the attached letter so you know what I am trying to do.
Thank you for your help,
LaQuita Allen-Odom
Glen Rose

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