Giving to seniors locally with Angel Tree


STEPHENVILLE (November 23, 2018) – Christmas is the season for giving and what better way to give than by participating in the Angel Tree?

The Stephenville Senior Citizens Center is sponsoring the Angel Tree. Each angel represents a client on the Erath County Meals on Wheels Program. Each angel will have the person’s age, gender, clothing size and other items they would like for Christmas. The tree will be set up in the main room on Nov. 6, along with a sign-up sheet.

Participants will need to list their name and phone number by the angel that they have chosen and they are limited to only two gifts per angel.

“We ask them to please just buy two gifts per angel and the reason for that is that in the past, we have found that there may be two people in the same household, and one was getting a lot more than the other and it caused a lot of hurt feelings so we just limit it to two gifts per angel, but they can spend as much as they want on that angel, it’s just as long as it’s not two gifts,” said Sandy Morgan, the director of the Stephenville Senior Citizens Center.

“My favorite thing about the Angel Tree is that we’re not only thinking about those that are able to come to our Senior Citizens Center, but that we also care about those that are unable to and we’re reaching out to them as well and wishing them a happy and merry Christmas by having the Angel Tree and making sure that they get something nice for Christmas too, because a lot of our seniors, they take the angels and they go and buy them something,” Morgan said.

Morgan advises that people who participate in the Angel Tree to think about buying “everyday items” that they can use.

“It could be like a newspaper subscription so that they can keep informed about what’s going on in the community. It could be simple things like one size fits all, slippers and socks. It may be a gift card for Walmart so that if they didn’t get what they want, they can get something else,” Morgan said. “What would you, in that situation, think of every day that would help them.”

Participants are asked to bring the gifts with the angel number attached to the center by Dec. 11.


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