November 24, 2017

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…And Justice for All

November 19, 2017 0

As the torrent of charges that various entertainers, media personalities, and politicians groped, raped, or otherwise harassed and tormented women continues, we’re beginning to see a possible sea change in how the accusations are being […]

Democrats and Republicans, Hopes and Fears

November 13, 2017 0

The results of last week’s off-year elections should make the Republicans worry about 2018 and 2020, while giving the Democrats grounds for cautious optimism.  But with 2018 a year away, and the next presidential election […]

Guest Columnist: Dr. Mark Littleton

November 9, 2017 0

In the 1970s, I taught in Lytle, Texas and chose to drive the athletic bus for the Lytle volleyball team to various locations around south Texas.  At that time, the team was a collection of […]

Miss Congeniality with a Gun

November 8, 2017 0

One of my all-time favorite movies is the 2000 hit comedy, Miss Congeniality. The story follows Sandra Bullock’s character as she transforms herself from masculine FBI agent to an undercover beauty pageant contestant. The movie […]

Freedom, Safety and Guns

November 6, 2017 0

  Another month, another massacre. Details on the mass murder of churchgoers in Sutherland Springs, near San Antonio, are still sketchy.  It’s known that the toll is currently 20 wounded, and at least 26 dead, […]

A Better Course for Ranger

October 29, 2017 0

As the fight over whether the voters of Erath and neighboring counties should accept annexation by the Ranger College District, it’s important to note that most of the debate has been over whether the voters […]

The End Is Near!

October 23, 2017 0

The best political news of the day is that Monday, October 23, is the first day of early voting on state and local propositions on the November 7 general election ballot.  This means that the […]

Harvey, Donald and Bill

October 16, 2017 0

The story of the fall of Harvey Weinstein is as gripping as any of the movies he produced.  And it has brought back memories of the most lurid stories of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton […]

Their Own Worst Enemies

October 9, 2017 0

Several weeks ago I published columns on both threats and opportunities confronting the Democratic and Republican parties.  Last week several news stories, although overshadowed by the mass murders in Las Vegas, revealed more potential threats […]

Robin Williams Took a Knee

October 2, 2017 0

By Marcy Tanter I was glad to read Savanna Graves’ commentary Sunday. Although I disagree with her perspective, I appreciate that she stated her views with respect.  Her reference to Robin Williams caught my attention […]

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