May 23, 2017

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A Warlock in the White House?

March 19, 2017 0

“Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.” I was reminded of this ancient proverb as I read of the latest controversy surrounding President Trump’s taxes.  Many politicians, from Adolf Hitler to […]

Free Speech on Campus?

March 13, 2017 0

It’s funny.  “The Resistance” has called President Trump an authoritarian, a fascist, even a Nazi.  Yet some of the most authoritarian, fascistic acts are those of radical leftists on America’s college campuses who have used […]

Property Tax Relief

March 8, 2017 0

By Jerry Lee, Erath County Tax Appraiser      Texas offers a number of property tax exemptions that benefit homeowners, landowners and certain types of business owners. I will start with the homestead exemption which reduces […]

Of Presidents and Props

March 6, 2017 0

One of the signs of our poisonous political times is our growing cynicism over those citizens who, by virtue of their sacrifices or those of their loved ones, are sometimes identified as heroes.  Consider, for […]

Party Games

February 26, 2017 3

The controversy around Donald Trump’s immigration policies remains unabated. How these issues will be resolved remains unknown.  As noted elsewhere, some legal analysts believe that the Supreme Court may well uphold the constitutionality of Trump’s […]

Off and running

February 20, 2017 0

Democracy is alive and well in Stephenville:  Two candidates are running for each of the four Stephenville City Council seats to be filled in the May election. What issues will be discussed and how thoroughly […]

Legislation and Property Taxes

February 16, 2017 0

By Jerry Lee The Texas Legislature is back in session for the 85th time, and one of the high priority items for some of the legislators is property tax reform. Of the thousands of bills […]

The Law and Judge Gorsuch

February 13, 2017 0

The fight to confirm or reject Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, has only just begun.  Preliminary maneuvers are being overshadowed by the fight within the courts over Trump’s proposed refugee and […]

Trump comes Acourtin’

February 5, 2017 0

The last couple of weeks have been pretty turbulent as President Trump sets out to do exactly what he said he’d do—close our borders and limit immigration.  But they’re going to seem like a walk […]

Trumping Immigration

January 30, 2017 0

President Trump’s newly-implemented immigration policy has flaws, but it also has under-reported features which soften its allegedly harsh edges.  Moreover, it is not inconsistent with the policies of several previous presidents. The first priority of […]

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