January 20, 2018

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• AVOID PERSONAL ATTACKS:  Show respect for the opposite opinion. Being rude may cause people to disagree with you on principle.

Letter to the Editor

April 11, 2016 0

Dear Editor, Mr. McDanel suggests I have a lack of knowledge regarding my criticism of the council authorizing expenditures on studies, outside consultants, and the use of consultants for design and development plans…. It’s a […]

Letter to the Editor

April 10, 2016 3

Dear Editor, At the 4/5/16 Stephenville City Council meeting, I shared this information with the public: “During the current and previous budget combined, the council has approved spending less than 1% of the total budgets […]

Letter to the Editor

April 5, 2016 0

Dear Editor, The citizens of Stephenville have the opportunity to put an excellent woman on the city council. Carla Trussell is a dedicated, hardworking, energetic person who sets goals and follows through until completion. I […]

Letter to the Editor

April 4, 2016 0

Dear Editor, I’m supporting the re-election of Russ McDanel to Place 2 on our city council. He understands the importance of strategic planning to maximize efficiencies in city government. He truly cares about this community […]

Letter to the Editor

January 8, 2016 1

Dear Editor, Recent assertions surrounding the Stephenville City Council’s consideration of the feasibility of a multi-purpose center are false and misleading. In a published letter, Mayor Kenny Weldon and I were imputed to have been […]

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