Nix improving after nasty fall in home

Jan and Alan Nix via Facebook. Alan Nix is reported to be improving after taking a nasty fall in his home Saturday.


The Flash Today

Stephenville City Councilman Alan Nix has been moved out of a trauma ICU this morning after being injured in a fall at his home Saturday.
Nix was reported to have fainted and fell breaking seven ribs in nine places, several facial bones, suffering a brain contusion and concussion. Nix is expected to undergo several series of tests and is reported to be experiencing severe pain.
Several reports have been positive with a chest tube being removed last night. However, Nix’s road to recovery will be a long one and will include a soft diet for several weeks.
In a post to her Facebook page Jan Nix, his wife, wrote,” We had over 50 people in the waiting area the past 2 days and calls, texts, and Facebook hits numbering nearly 500. You are amazing people! It has proven to me what a true man of God with a huge servant heart I married. He is loved and trusted by so many of every age and in every walk of life. I am a lucky woman!!!!!”

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