Dublin City Council looking to expand the city’s territory with annexation

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DUBLIN (November 10, 2014) — The city of Dublin is looking to expand. During the regular council meeting Monday night, Dublin City Council members heard from City Administrator Nancy Wooldridge on a plan to annex property currently in the city’s ETJ (extraterritorial jurisdiction).

After discussion about the possibilities of going different directions, the council agreed to allow Wooldridge to begin the first steps of annexation of property along US 377 North, toward Stephenville, to Allsups. This would also include Bovine Supply, Prime Construction, two mechanic shops and other local businesses in the area.

During some of the talks beforehand, council members discussed going both east and west along State Highway 6. Neither direction on 6 would require a new lift station like going north on 377 will, however, the council was advised that only one more station would be required to include all the businesses along 377 with “room to grow.”

“We’re already planning putting a lift station on Preston Lane, that station, along with one more would be enough to bring that much more waste water to the treatment facility,” Public Works Director Cory James said when asked how much work it would take to incorporate the businesses into the city’s sewer and water. “That and about a half-mile of pipe. And we’ll have to bore under the highway.”

Some council members suggested the city annex property east along Hwy. 6, towards De Leon and the new loop around town. There have been talks of businesses interested in building in the area and city leaders appeared interested in getting the land annexed as well. However, Wooldridge reported she did not have as much information on that property.

In other business the council heard from Karen Wright on the city’s EDC plans which included the reappointment of Monte Thiebaud and Mac McMullen to the EDC board. The council also approved the appointment of Susan Keith and Dr. Joe Cannon to replace Lisa Leatherwood and Willard Mann who both stepped down from the board.

Wright also advised the council that the EDC was skilling approval to fund the purchase of an electronic sign to be placed at The Corner Lot on the pole already there. She said the EDC’s contribution to the project would be to purchase the sign and the equipment, as well as to pay for the instillation. The council voted to approve the motion.

Wooldridge informed the council that her office has once again rented the Dublin City Park to the Gypsy Motorcycle Club for the Memorial Day Weekend. The group has come to Dublin before and Wooldridge said the city has had no problems with the group or it’s events in the park in the past.

“They are not only very kind and great to work with,” she told the council. “But they also bring a lot of people to town for their event and they spend a lot of money in Dublin, which is wonderful for everyone.”

Before adjourning, Wooldridge gave a report to the council regarding the cost for Incode services from Tyler Tech, the same company who installed the rest of the city’s systems interface. She advised that despite being told last year that the new services for radio read meters would only cost a $250 license fee, the city is now being charged an additional software fee and an annual fee of $550 for the program and software. This was an update only and did not require council action.

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