Bob Glasgow to city officials: Hear me now or deal with me in court later



STEPHENVILLE (November 19, 2014) — Bob Glasgow and his neighbors are not opposed to business development across from the new Stephenville Fire Department. However, the former state senator made it clear the neighborhood’s residents aren’t going to be left out of the picture when it comes to zoning three lots in Pecan Hill Estates, and Wednesday he threatened to file a lawsuit to enjoin the property if necessary.

While speaking on his own behalf, it quickly became apparent Glasgow was also speaking on the part of a bevy of his neighbors who also expressed concerns of a lack of highway access to the property and keeping their neighborhood quiet, and traffic on Pecan Hill Drive to a minimum.

Thomas Rein, an agent, for property owners Don and Gay Dorsett, requested the zoning change from R-1 (single family residence) to B-1 (business). After an analysis that included “Future Land Use Plan of the Comprehensive Plan,” interim Director of Community Development Judy Miller presented a memo stating the property should be rezoned.

In speaking to planning and zoning commissioners (Chairman Janet Whitley, vice chairman Jason Lovell and commissioners Meta Collier, Justin Allison and John Baxter), Miller explained her reasoning and pointed to businesses already established just off the loop.

Rein said he has an interest in the property’s development which calls for “lot 1” to see the construction of a 4,000-5,000 square foot building designed to house doctors who are specializing in various areas of medicine.

Glasgow and his neighbors who spoke Kirk Conklin, Robert Rose, Karen Hobbs and Ann Miears don’t appear to be opposed to such a development. It’s the lack of a clear cut plan for “lots 2 and 3” that has them prepared to take legal action if they are not taken into consideration.

Legal action may not be a necessary matter after Glasgow produced various documents to the commissioners and pointed out certain deed restrictions that may control the various uses of the property. Such restrictions might explain why the lots are being packaged for sale together rather than individually.

After conducting their public hearing on the request, commissioners voted 6-0 to table the matter with the idea of the two groups making an attempt to come up with a suitable solution for all parties – something Glasgow claimed he had already attempted without success.

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