Tarleton Honors Alumni at Luncheon


Rachel Tuggle


STEPHENVILLE (Sept 21, 2015) – Out of  about 50,000 alumni, today Tarleton honored five distinguished alumni, one representing each college, at its annual Alumni Academic Forum Luncheon.

Larry Mitchell, a graduate of the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, L.V. Coffee, a graduate of the College of Business Administration, Amy Chandler Crippen, a graduate of the College of Education, Chelsea Brookshire, a graduate of the College of Liberal and Fine Arts, and Ron Adams, a graduate of the College of Science and Technology, were all presented awards for continuing to exhibit Tarleton’s core values and achieve excellence after graduation.

Tarleton president Dominic Dottavio said, “This is an opportunity to connect remarkable alumni to our students to provide inspiration for them in their careers and real life application for later on.”

To inspire the current generation, each college invited five of its students to attend the luncheon and see those who have gone before them.  Senior international business major Valmy McKinney said, “Just seeing these successful people come back means that it is a must-do. If they can do it, so can I.”

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