Letter from the Sheriff…

Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant

The following is a letter from Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant:

I would like to put a stop to a rumor one of my opponents is spreading.  He is telling people that the only reason I am running for re-election is so I can step down mid-term and turn it over to my Chief Deputy, Jason Upshaw.  First of all, that is a complete falsehood.  I am only 55 years old and I can’t afford to step down or retire.  I have a family to support.  Equally as important, I love my job!  I take great pride in being the Sheriff of Erath County and I have always considered it an honor to serve the fine men and women who have placed their trust in me for the past 19 years.

Lastly, when I do decide to retire, Chief Upshaw will not need my help becoming the Sheriff of this county.  He is completely capable of doing that on his own.


Sheriff Tommy Bryant


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