Principal’s Month: Meet Central Elementary Principal Kelly Magin


Rachel Tuggle

STEPHENVILLE (Oct. 30, 2015)- In honor of October being Principal’s Month, The Flash Today is interviewing the principal of every campus in the Stephenville Independent School District. Today, meet Kelly Magin, principal of Central Elementary.

Kelly Magin, fifth year principal of Central, is a Stephenville native. Other than a year and a half during her student teaching in Weatherford, Magin has lived here her whole life. She has been married to Mich Magin for eleven years, and they have two children. McCoy attends second grade at Chamberlin Elementary, and Miley attends kindergarten at Central.

“I like spending time with my family,” Magin said. “My kiddos are active, so they keep me busy with football and tumbling and other activities.”

Magin earned her bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies and a minor in English at Tarleton State University. After teaching for three years, Magin returned to Tarleton and earned her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. She also received her principal’s certification through the Region 11 Service Center.

Magin taught kindergarten in Weatherford for five years. She worked on her principal’s internship at Bill Wright Elementary in Weatherford and was hired as an assistant principal for Austin Elementary in Weatherford as well.

“I actually got hired as an assistant principal and I was nine months pregnant,” Magin said. “The day I interviewed for the job, I actually went into the hospital to have McCoy. So, I got a new baby and a new job all in one day.”

While Magin worked in Weatherford, she commuted from Stephenville, which she described as “not a lot of fun” with a toddler. She applied for the Gilbert Intermediate assistant principal job and worked there for two years before becoming the principal of Central Elementary.

“I taught kindergarten, so that’s where my heart is,” Magin said.

Magin did not originally hope to become a principal – she wanted to be an early childhood content coordinator. Magin loves putting together curriculum for early childhood, which is why she earned a master’s degree in that field. Her mentor, Dr. Callahan, helped guide her toward becoming a principal because most content coordinators have been principals. But, once Magin began working at Central Elementary, she discovered that it was her “dream job.”

“We don’t have an early childhood content coordinator in Stephenville,” Magin said. “That’s what I am here. I get to do tons with curriculum and planning and implementing best practices for the early childhood students. So, I wanted to do this, just in a different capacity, and I ended up getting to do it as a principal.”

For Magin, the best part of her job is being with the kids. She says that they can make some of your crummiest days better because they are so sincere and genuine.

“They definitely deep you honest,” Magin said.

The most difficult aspect of being a principal for Magin is keeping up with the constant changes in technology, best practices, research etc.

“Part of the struggle is that the legislation is always changing,” Magin said. “Legislators haven’t necessarily been in education or know how to deal with the things that we deal with on a daily basis. So, what sounds good to them may not be practical. But, the district is super supportive about providing training and information as it comes.”

Magin loves the close knit community of Stephenville. She returned her so she can raise her kids in the same “warm, loving community” that she grew up in.

“The students still have an innocence to them that is so precious and inspiring,” Magin said. “Seeing them grasp concepts and learn things can take your breath away because they are so innocent, and they really are learning this for the very first time. They get so excited about it.”

Magin is very happy in her current position and wants to continue to learn and grow as a professional.

“I just want to keep striving for the best,” Magin said. “I am blessed with amazing teachers. My goals are to continue to meet the needs of the children and my staff and encourage them to grow.”




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