Chamber hosts ribbon cutting at Ruby’s Bistro



Rachel Tuggle

STEPHENVILLE (November 23, 2015) – The Chamber of Commerce officially welcomed Ruby’s Bistro to Stephenville last Wednesday at a ribbon cutting. Ruby’s Bistro opened in Stephenville last April and is owned by Ruby and Carl Sturmer.

But Ruby and Carl’s culinary journey began years ago. They owned a small sandwich shop in Stephenville about twenty years ago before living and traveling around the world. They lived in Europe and Canada and have traveled as far as Japan and Malaysia.

“I’m a hometown girl,” Ruby said. “I was born in De Leon, but moved here about a month after I was born. So I grew up here, went to school here, went to Tarleton for a couple of years. We lived here after we were first married before we moved. We just wanted to bring something different to Stephenville because of the places we’ve been.”

Ruby describes their menu as eclectic, with a little bit of everything. They have a line of “upscale, Tex-Mex food” including their own homemade tortillas. Their soups, salads and sandwiches come from their former restaurant, and on Friday and Saturday nights they serve steak.

“This is a mix of all of us,” Carl said. “We love the Austin influence. We wanted something that had some class to it but wasn’t ostentatious. We wanted it to be casual where at the same time you could get high end steaks as well as tacos. It’s an eclectic mix of things.”

Ruby has been cooking since she was twelve years old. She learned from her grandmother, who is “the greatest cook I’ve ever been around” Carl said.

“Both of us developed all the recipes by sitting at home in the kitchen every Friday and Saturday night,” Carl said. “We’ve gone through some where we’ve thrown out thirty or forty different trials on one thing before we can get it where we want it.”

“We had a vision in our heads of how we wanted it to taste,” Ruby said. “We weren’t happy until it hit that mark.”

As Ruby’s Bistro opened in April, the Sturmers are continuing to create and introduce new dishes to the restaurant, so be sure to go by and see what is new!



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