Having fun locally over Christmas Break


Rachel Tuggle


STEPHENVILLE (December 21, 2015) – With school out for the holidays, families may soon find themselves at home and bored with nothing to do. Family time is supposed to be a fun time to make memories, but it’s hard to do that when no one has any plans and everyone is on their phone. Here are some great ideas to try over the next two weeks to have some good old-fashioned family fun!

1. Go volunteer.

Volunteering is always a great way to remember that giving is better than receiving at Christmas time. And Stephenville has plenty of different charities and organizations that could use some extra hands. Check out the Grace Place at First Baptist Church, the Choices Clinic by Tarleton, Big Brothers, Big Sisters on Washington St. or the animal shelter to get started. Spread the Christmas spirit and remind yourself and your family what Christmas is all about!

2. Rent a movie.

With Netflix, Amazon and plenty of streaming movies and TV shows, going and renting a movie has almost become a thing of the past. But, there are plenty of classics and new movies available to watch as a family. Check out Videos and More on the South Loop, which rents movies for $1 for two days or new releases at $3 for two days.

3. Start a new Christmas tradition.

Every good Christmas movie has an iconic scene with a Christmas tradition. Don’t let those traditions only be seen in the movies – create some of your own! Walmart sells gingerbread houses and decorating kits for families of all ages (know in advance that it will get messy). Make chocolate covered pretzels, fudge or another amazing Christmas dessert. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try to create some peanut brittle. Decorate the tree as a family or hang Christmas lights outside together. Find something that everyone will enjoy and you will find yourself making precious memories in no time!

4. Check out the Christmas lights.

Stephenville knows how to decorate for Christmas! Check out The Flash’s gallery to see some of the Ville’s best lights. Make some hot chocolate or apple cider, load up in the car and drive around town. You might find some great lights that even our staff did not see!

5. Go to the park.

The weather has been far warmer than usual this winter, but cold weather is bound to show up at some point. Enjoy the last days of warmth and sunshine by going to the park. There are disk golf stations all over the park, along with basketball courts, playgrounds, tennis courts and walking trails. While the days are still sunny, go ride a bike or play some ball. It’ll do everyone’s mood good to get outside!

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