Stingerettes prepare for spring competition season


Rachel Tuggle

STEPHENVILLE (February 1, 2016) – The Stephenville High School Stingerettes will kick off their spring competition season at their annual dress rehearsal this Friday in the SHS Gandy Gym at 6 p.m. The girls will be performing four routines – military, kick, lyrical and prop – as a team, and the captains, ensemble, two duets, and nine solos will perform as well.

“I like military because I like the sound of the slaps,” freshman Grace Rogers said. “It’s sharp and crisp.”

This competition season will be particularly unique because the Stingerettes will compete as a large team for the first time in over ten years instead of divided into JV and varsity squads.

“I am excited to see the whole team dance together on the court,” Stingerette director Kimberly Kelsey said. “With fewer routines to prepare for, we will have more time to focus on each routine on competition day.”

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Plenty of preparation has been put into this competition season. The Stingerettes practice for 12.5 hours per week on average, which includes night practices in the gym after the other sports teams have gone home and one four hour practice per month on Saturday. Additionally, the captains practice two hours per week on average on their three extra routines in kick, contemporary and jazz.

“Whether [the practice hours] are worth it or not depends on what you want to get out of it,” senior captain Elizabeth Afeman said. “I love to choreograph and perform, so it’s a nice experience for me. I think that drill team has been a good thing for me in high school, and I want to finish it out strong. I’m willing to work hard for that.”

In February and March, the Stingerettes will compete at three different competitions with private studio and public school drill and dance teams from around the state. The first competition will be on Feb. 13 in Austin. The second competition will be held in The Colony on Feb. 27. Then the last competition will be in San Antonio on Mar. 5. The Stingerettes will wrap up their season with their show off.

“I’m really excited to be able to travel with my team and be as one,” sophomore Macy Hall said. “I enjoy that.”

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