Twisted J gets ‘Oscarfied’

Cody Johnson, left, owner of Stephenville-based Twisted J Apparel, Boutique, Screenprinting and Embroidery, greets Ernie Hudson, a star in movies such as Ghostbusters, The Crow and HBO's Oz. || Courtesy CODY JOHNSON


(February 28, 2016) — Twisted J has officially been “Oscarfied.”

Kevin Sorbo, John Hurley, Marilu Henner, Ernie Hudson, Charlene Tilton and dozens other stars paused from their busy Oscar-week schedules to meet and greet and even have photos made with the “Cowboy from Texas,” none other than Cody Johnson.

Cody and wife Luann Johnson, owners/operators of Twisted J Boutique, Twisted J Apparel and Twisted J Embroidery and Screen Printing, were invited to attend Rodeo Drive events leading up to the Oscars, which will be awarded Sunday beginning at 7 p.m.

“We’ve been blessed, we got to do it again,” said Cody Johnson after returning from the trip. “All the stuff going on there in Hollywood this week, it’s everything the TV makes it out to be.”


Which means Johnson was just about as out of place as most Hollywood stars would feel working on a ranch. But that was all part of the allure.

“They all wanted to meet the cowboy from Texas, just like at the Golden Globes. A lot of the stars remembered us, and that’s very humbling,” he said. “We were told it’s a big deal to be remembered out of all the vendors and booths and gift bags and everything these stars see and are given leading up to these big award shows.”

Apparently so, because before the Johnsons even returned to Texas, they were invited to also attend the Sundance Movie Festival.

“We’re just riding the wave as long as it lasts. It’s definitely worth it,” explained Johnson, who distributed gift bags to the big stars who will all be in attendance at tonight’s sow. “We got to meet a lot of new contacts from publicists to agents to actual stars. It’s a great experience and opportunity for the company and a chance to bring Stephenville into the national spotlight.”

It’s all part of what Cody says has become part of the company’s mantra so to speak.

“Our mission is to be a nationally and globally known brand but to also keep to our local Stephenville and Cowboy Capital of the World roots,” he said. “This is the greatest place on Earth, and we want to share it with the world any way we can.”

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