Stingerettes wrap up contest season on Tuesday


Rachel Tuggle

STEPHENVILLE (March 26, 2016) – The Stingerettes will wrap up their spring competition season with their annual showoffs on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Gandy Gym. The team will perform all competitive routines, including officer dances, solos, ensembles and duets.
The Stingerettes competed in three different competitions this year – Danceline, Crowd Pleasers and American. This was the first season that the Stingerettes competed as one large team instead of two small JV and varsity teams.
At Danceline, the Stingerettes earned the Congeniality Award and Showmanship Award for their prop routine. The officers won Best in Category for their contemporary dance. Both the Stingerettes and the officers earned the Sweepstakes Award. Individually, officer Elizabeth Afeman, officer Cassidy Balder,  officer Maurie Dodson and head captain Shelby Sult earned Division One medals for their solo routines. Kendyl Croft and Kelli Murphy earned Division One medals for their duet. Additionally, Kendyl Croft earned the AJC Excellence Award, and officer Allison Balder earned second place in the toe touch technique challenge.
At Crowd Pleasers, the Stingerettes team and officers earned Super Sweepstakes for all Division One ratings on their dances. The team won the academic achievement award and Crowd Pleasers award for team military as well. The officer contemporary dance won 1st runner up Best in Class. The officer jazz dance, officer kick dance, team lyrical, team military, team kick and team prop dances all won 1st place Best in Class. Both the officers and team won 1st runner up Grand Champion. Additionally, soloists Tara Garza, Kaitlin Garcia, officer Elizabeth Afeman and head captain Shelby Sult earned Division One medals.
At their last competition at the American Dance/Drill Team Alamo Sr. Dance Classic Regional Contest, the Stingerettes and their officers earned sweepstakes awards for all Division 1 ratings. The officer modern dance earned a Judge’s Award, and the Stingerettes earned 1st runner up for the Academic Achievement Award. The Stingerettes also earned 3rd runner up Best in Class team. Soloists Tara Garza, Chrysann Whitworth, Dominique Combs, officer Maurie Dodson, officer Cassidy Balder and head captain Shelby Sult earned Division One medals. Officer Maurie Dodson and Bailey Sanderford earned 1st runner up Best in Class duet.


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