Stingerettes ‘Show Off’ routines at final performance


Rachel Tuggle

STEPHENVILLE (March 30, 2016) – The SHS Stingerettes performed for the last time this competition season last night in the Gandy Gym. With a total of four team routines, The dancers performed a total of 19 different routines- including solos, duets and ensembles- at three different competitions. Below are pictures from last night’s performance.

SAM_2408 SAM_2411 SAM_2414 SAM_2435 SAM_2439 SAM_2449 SAM_2455 SAM_2466 SAM_2483 SAM_2487 SAM_2489 SAM_2493 SAM_2497 SAM_2503 SAM_2509 SAM_2516 SAM_2524 SAM_2528 SAM_2535 SAM_2540 SAM_2541 SAM_2544 SAM_2555


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