SHS Senior Selected as Artsonia Student of the Week Finalist


By Rachel Tuggle

STEPHENVILLE (Apr. 7, 2016)- SHS senior and AP art student Shianne Whaley has been nominated to be Artsonia’s Student of the Week for 10th through 12th grade, but she needs your help.

In order to win, Whaley needs to receive the most votes for her inked flower piece, which can be voted on here. Voting is open now through Saturday, and voters can vote once per day.

“I was pretty surprised,” Whaley said. “I didn’t know (the award) existed. I’ve just been using [Artsonia] as a digital art portfolio. So I didn’t really know about it, but I am excited to see where it goes.”

Each week Artsonia, the world’s largest student art museum, randomly selects different students as the nominees of the week. The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate and their school, in this case SHS, will receive $100 gift certificate from Black Art Materials, according to Artsonia’s website.

“SHS art joined Artsonia over five years ago, and we have had two other students selected during that time,” SHS art teacher Emily McLemore wrote in an email. “We have not had a winner.”

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Whaley participated in art off and on beginning in the eighth grade, and began to take it seriously when she began the advanced placement art class during the second semester of her junior year. She primarily uses ink, but she has been experimenting with colored pencils.

“I like experimenting and finding new ways to express myself and bring color to the world and show my creativity and how I think to other people,” Whaley said.

Since joining art, Whaley has competed in the VASE competition where she advanced to area, the Fort Worth Livestock Show and Rodeo and the Scholastic Art competition where she received two honorable mentions. Whaley is currently waiting for results to come back from the Congressional Art contest, which she also competed in last year.

“Shianne is a fantastic art student,” McLemore wrote. “She works hard every day and isn’t afraid to try new techniques and new media. She is a gifted artist and can draw anything. It has been fun to watch her find her visual voice.”


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