Tejas Kids Opportunities requests donations for summer

Rachel Tuggle


STEPHENVILLE (May 12, 2016) – As summer heats up, so does the action at Tejas Kid’s.

The Tejas Kid’s Opportunities program at the Riverwalk Townhomes is gearing up to begin its summer session as the spring semester comes to an end. This organization, which provides snacks and a place for kids to go after school, is asking the community to help out by donating money and snacks for the kids.

“These are low income kids,” Landsdown said. “A lot of them are single parent families. A lot of them are both working parent families. So, there’s no one after school. Here they can come and we love them, we play with them, we talk to them, we try to stoke their minds a little bit. They’re good kids.”

During the school year, TKO provides a snack, homework help, crafts and educational activities Tuesday through Thursday from 4-5 p.m. for children between the ages of five and 12. During the summer, TKO operates from 10-2 p.m.

“My goal is to have as many kids from here as I can get and really get them involved,” community coordinator Nancy Landsdown said. “[My second goal is] to see the donations grow. The kids can have more fun. We can implement some educational things, maybe in the future some field trips.”

Even though Landsdown has worked as the community coordinator for only two weeks, she has lots of plans and ideas for the kids. She hopes to start a community garden, have the kids plant flowers around the townhomes, create a reading incentive program and make cards to send to nursing homes.

“These kids are going to grow up and be adults eventually” Landsdown said. “While they’re here, I’m hoping to teach them some things about giving back to the community.”

In addition to community projects, each quarter has a different theme to help the kids learn something new.

“Last quarter we did the solar system,” Riverwalk Townhomes manager Renee Demuth said. “We are doing science lab now, and then we are going to do Amazon jungle.”

Tarrant County Food Bank donates snacks for the kids at TKO.

“Even though that’s a blessing, we get whatever they give us,” Landsdown said. “If it happens to be something none of the kids like, then we’ve got to figure out how to get food to feed them. Money is always a need. But, we definitely need snacks. That’s a huge, huge thing.”

During the school year, First Baptist Church has a Bible study with the children on Thursdays, along with snacks and a craft. This summer is currently open to any church that would like to help out.

“During the summer previously, they had done it as well,” Landsdown said. “Right now, she doesn’t know if they are going to be able to do it this year, but it’s definitely open to any church.”

Anyone is welcome to volunteer to help with the program as well. High school students can also volunteer to earn community service hours for Texas Scholars.

“Just call and volunteer,” Landsdown said.

TKO is a program that is a part of New Life Alliance, a Christian non-profit organization who’s goal is to build “generational success through education and encouragement.”

“I think it’s a great program, and a lot of people don’t know about it,” Landsdown said.


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