Coffee & Cars on the Square in Stephenville



STEPHENVILLE (August 6, 2016) – The Cars & Coffee at the Courthouse in Stephenville was put together when Daniel Brock and some friends decided it would be a fun way to get together and talk about cars while revitalizing the downtown square.

“It’s just something that we’ve been talking about doing for several years,” Brock said. “Finally, I decided it was time to get it going, first Saturday of the month. Just something to get people out, get their car out of the garage.  And get people together, old friends, new friends. There are a lot of cars in Erath County that never get out of the garage. So that’s kind of what our aim is and also to revitalize the square.”

The Saturday morning event was well attended and it looked like a lot of friends and families did in fact come together to check out the many nice automobiles on the square.

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