Stephenville Chamber of Commerce welcomes local non-profit


Rachel Tuggle

STEPHENVILLE (August 6, 2016) – Thursday the Stephenville Chamber of Commerce welcomed its newest member Community Outreach Housing with a ribbon cutting. Community Outreach Housing is a 501(c)3 charity that offers reduced rate housing to students and low income families.

Community Outreach Housing was founded three years ago by Darrell and Tamra Gardner. As a business, they rented out 11 houses, eight of which are in Stephenville. They converted their business into a nonprofit in order to meet the need that they saw for moderate to low income housing.

“We started because we just wanted to help,” Gardner said. “There is such a need in every town for moderate to low income housing. People can qualify for moderate to low income housing that just don’t know how.”

Community Outreach Housing’s mission is to “serve and host the community with exceptional outreach by providing multicultural, lower income housing to all who fairly qualify” according to their website. They currently rent eight  homes in Stephenville, all of which are full excluding the home that is currently being renovated. None of their homes are government subsidized.

Community Outreach Housing is supported by multiple local businesses, many who donated materials. Tarleton Serves and United Way will be partnering with the organization for a service project at the end of September. But, Community Outreach Housing is continuing to look for support.

“One of our biggest expenses is labor,” Gardner said. “People can make a donation. We would love a donation of any kind- materials or money. If they’d like to volunteer, we would love to have them volunteer for a service project. There’s tons of ways to help us that don’t cost a lot of money.”

Community Outreach Housing is currently aiding 34 people. Any students on FAFSA or people who make 60 percent or less of the area’s gross median income qualify.

“Our vision is to have a lot more houses and help a lot more people,” Gardner said. “We need the community to come together. We need some corporate grants. We need people to sponsor what we are doing.”

To contact Community Outreach Housing to apply for a home or for more information, go the the Community Outreach Housing website.


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